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Wimmer Solutions is a Seattle-based consulting, staffing, and managed services company that offers comprehensive expertise and top-level technology talent. Whether our clients require an individual expert or an entire team of specialists, we provide innovative, high value solutions to address a variety of business and technology challenges. 

Everything we do is based on our belief that Care Creates Community: we care about empowering and strengthening relationships with our clients; about supporting our employees and helping them to build meaningful careers; about making an impact on the broader needs of our community.

Wimmer Solutions: Creates

Simply put, we create extraordinary relationships.

Truly lasting relationships are not created by organizational charts, online interviews and "jobs here" postings. Rather, our knowledge of a broad range of specific talents, and the time we take to understand our clients' individual challenges allows us to create teams perfectly tailored to their consulting, staffing, and team-based needs.

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Wimmer Solutions: Community

Wimmer community is an expansive concept. At its base is a foundational attitude towards community service and creating a sense of community for our employees.

We empower each of them to make an impact on causes they care about through volunteerism and philanthropy. We believe the power of these connections throughout our community is a positive force that energizes us and our clients.

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