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We are delighted to share these words of appreciation.

" We continue to have a great relationship with Wimmer Solutions, a partner who is easy to work with and performs well to business requirements. Our group has a great appreciation for Wimmer due to their flexibility around time requirements and meeting deliverables on time "

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Featured Success Story

For 9+ years, our Managed Services team has provided end-to-end sales support to a major technology client's mapping platform. Originally engaged to provide field sales  for the software, our service quickly evolved into a customized managed service designed to provide a higher level of support to the field team, leveraging our own workspace and equipment to dramatically streamline operations, increase the team's revenue generation potential and reduce costs for the client.

During our partnership, the team has:

  • Provided end-to-end sales management
  • Experienced minimal attrition: 75% of the current team members have been engaged with the team for at least 4 years
  • Supported the client's first payable online service, initializing front line sales and creating essential relationship management infrastructure
  • Conducted contract negotiations with customers on behalf of the client, a responsibility not typically entrusted with vendors
  • Driven the creation of IP for the product group and future sales team members: Including document processing, review, and management, resources conduct ongoing management for all technical, marketing, and training documentation related to the sales team, including a 300-page training manual and transition document (supplemented by an additional 400 pages of online material) to reduce ramp time for new resources engaged on the project as it expands.

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