The Basics to the Job Application Process After Graduating College

We have never seen a generation quite like the millennial generation. A boost in technology development has pushed this generation to become vastly different than any other generation before. Short form social communication like texting and social media have become the leading form of communication amongst one another and this is only one example that has caused a paradigm shift in the norms that come with being part of society. It is now that time when the beginning of the millennial generation are graduating from high schools and universities and diving into the job world, however even getting a job has changed dramatically with the millennial generation and it has actually made getting a job harder for these young adults. In this section we are taking it back to the basics on how to get out there and make the most out of the job application process.

Using More than Technology

With technology quickly taking over the world of the younger generations, in person applications have become less and less of a thing and more importantly: companies that do still have in person applications have trouble getting people to come in to apply for a position. One problem is that young adult job seekers only use websites to find jobs and apply for jobs. I am talking about websites like and Websites like this do have a lot of job openings and are something that someone looking for a job should use, but it is important not to only use these websites. Don’t be afraid to go to a company in person and ask if they are hiring and drop off your resume. This makes applying a little more personable and shows that you are willing to go the extra mile in order to get the job: this also gets them thinking that that same attitude will transfer over should you be offered a job.

“Bottom line: too much job searching is way better than too little, whether it is places applying to, interviews requested, or even jobs offered.”

Another issue that people of this young generation have limited the amount of applications that they fill out. I have witnessed nightmare job search situations a friend would apply to one job, wait for two to three weeks and if they didn’t hear back, they would apply to one more and wait another two to three weeks, and this vicious cycle would just continue on and on. Doing this diminishes the success rate one will have when applying for jobs. Instead of wasting your time with this method, I recommend applying to a MINIMUM of five jobs that you are interested in. This dramatically increases your chance of hearing back from a company about an interview. And it is okay if you hear back from several or even all of the companies you apply to; still follow up with an interview whether the company is your first choice or your fifth choice for places to work. At the very least you can use one of those companies as leverage for negotiating with other companies about salary, incentives, etc. or who knows maybe after interviewing and finding more information about the job, you will find that you like that opportunity the most.

No Experience? No Problem

This day in age it seems like every single job wants applicants to have experience. Even in entry level jobs, it is very common for companies to say under qualifications “2 years of experience needed, or 2 years of experience is a plus.” How can young adults right out of college be expected to have at least 2 years of experience when they have just finished focusing their whole lives into getting a degree at a college or university? Internships can help, or least help introduce you to new skills you might need.  This feature to the job hunt can be discouraging but it does not make or break a young recently graduated individual’s ability to be recognized as one of the top candidates for a position. Many companies and recruiters still consider candidates that do not have several years’ experience. However, what this does mean is it puts more emphasis on the interview. What I personally like think of an interview is a sales meeting (or sales pitch). It is a one on one time for you to sell yourself to whoever is interviewing you. It is a time to be outgoing, personable, and it gives you an opportunity to display your personality yet at the same time show that you are professional, respectful, and even punctual.

Making the Job Search Easier After Graduating College

I understand this is a lot to think about and the process of getting a job is not a walk in the park. One has to treat the job application process as if it is a full time job itself. However, there are alternatives that make this process easier on one trying to get a job. Recruiting and staffing agencies are on the rise and take a lot of pressure off of finding a job. Agencies like Wimmer Solutions take your skills, specialties, and strengths to place you at a company where you can use these talents to excel in the workplace. Most staffing or recruiting agencies have opportunities that range from small contracts all the way to full time positions and careers so whatever your preference is, it can usually be satisfied. Furthermore, in most cases recruiting and staffing agencies deal with competitive and very successful top tier clients.  I know that finding a job can be stressful, confusing, and even disappointing at times and that is why I am a firm believer in staffing and recruiting agencies. They take away that stress, confusion, and disappointment and do the hard part of the job application process and place you in a company and position where you can be the most successful.

The process of getting a job right out of college is no easy feat. With changes in technology and generational differences, it is understandable that the job hunt has become difficult. So stick with the basics. Step out of your comfort zone, apply in person and don’t limit yourself to only online applications through sites like Apply to jobs even if you do not have as much experience as they are asking for and you will be surprised how many companies will still contact you despite the lack of experience. Don’t waste your time by applying to only one position at a time: apply to at least five positions, if not more. Lastly, look into and at least consider using a recruiting or staffing agency that can help take a lot of stress out of the job application process for you and put you in a position that fits you. The job application process for a recent college graduate will rarely be easy but if you stick to these basics and have confidence in yourself and your abilities, your process will be a lot easier.  Good Luck!

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