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We deliver subject matter and technical expertise 3 ways:

Project Solutions

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Managed Solutions

Talent Solutions

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Partner to solve data centric issues and meet specific business objectives.

Extend your existing team with capacity and subject matter expertise.

Meeting ongoing business needs with managed processes, staff, and expertise.

Project and managed solutions

Expertise and efficiency to accelerate your business

Wimmer Solutions consultants are game changers. Our technology experts help you streamline and modernize your technology platforms, manage your infrastructure, and expand your business, technology, and marketing capabilities. We work as part of your team to take on critical technology initiatives and provide an efficient and accountable way to scale your business.

Solve Your Challenges

Talent Solutions

It’s about achieving goals, not filling open positions

Companies use Wimmer Solutions to solve their most pressing advisory and staffing needs, because when you work with us, we treat your goals as our own. We take the time to understand your culture and what you’re trying to achieve as a company, so we can find people with the right skills and the right personality. Because “fit” is more than checking a box on a list.

Find Your Talent

Job Seekers

Great jobs are just the beginning

At Wimmer Solutions, you’re never just a resume, you’re part of a family. We will connect you to meaningful opportunities at fantastic companies, but we also care about you as a person. We offer best in class benefits, a wide range of growth opportunities and the chance to be part of a thriving professional community.

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Our Purpose
Enable success for high-potential people and industry-leading clients through highest quality work, delivered with a sense of urgency and absolutely world-class service.
About Wimmer Solutions

We lead with our values because we believe that when you invest in people and relationships, it always pays you back.

Work Hard

We’re accountable to results, not just deliverables. No excuses.

Have Fun

We love our work. We are positive, kind, and hungry to learn.

Give Big

We give back to the people, community and causes we care about.

Go Home

We take time to live life outside of work, and our work is better for it.

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Our Motto & Mission

Care Creates Community

We are committed to empowering every employee and every client we serve to enrich the neighborhoods and communities in which we work, play, and live. Part of our mission is to amplify the good we see every day.

Since 2002, Wimmer Solutions has been committed to investing in the well-being of our community in a variety of ways to drive awareness and engagement with issues that map to what we do - and who we are.

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