Wimmer Solutions’ Professional Group announces acceptance into Microsoft’s Power BI Red Carpet Partner Program

SEATTLE –Wimmer Solutions’ Professional Services Group is pleased to announce acceptance of Wimmer Solutions into Microsoft’s Power BI Red Carpet Program.

The Power BI Red Carpet program is a new invitation only Microsoft program for a few selected Microsoft partners intended to help them develop and grow their practices through accelerated development of solutions and services based upon Microsoft Power BI. Through the Power BI Red Carpet program, Wimmer Solutions becomes eligible to receive special support services which include a number of Microsoft-funded training, tools and services designed to support their Power BI innovation and success in systems integration, solution/service development, consulting, support and other areas.

Wimmer Solutions annouces acceptance of Microsoft Power BI Red Carpet Program

Image courtesy of Microsoft.com “Our Professional Services Group vigorously pursued this program,” said Roland Rodriguez, VP of Technology & Services of Wimmer Solutions, “Despite concerted efforts, companies across all industries struggle to harness the data explosion produced by the pervasive use of digital platforms.  Enabling our clients to capitalize on the data they already have using an innovative tool like Power BI was something we wanted to proactively get in front of.”

As a long-term Microsoft solutions Partner, Wimmer Solutions’ Professional Services Division is adept at helping customers extract more actionable intelligence out of the data they are accumulating. Power BI extends the inbuilt dashboard capabilities of Microsoft collaboration products such as Dynamics CRM significantly and brings in data from a wide variety of other platforms as well. Power BI transforms a company’s data into rich visuals they can collect and organize so they can focus on what matters to them: staying in the know, spotting trends as they happen, and pushing their business further.

"Our Professional Services Group at Wimmer Solutions has been anticipating the explosive growth of this kind of ‘big data’ solution for some time now," says Roland Rodriguez, VP of Technology & Services.


“Our Professional Services Group at Wimmer Solutions has been anticipating the explosive growth of this kind of ‘big data’ solution for some time now,” Rodriguez says.  “We feel that Power BI is the tool that will really put that information to work in new, exciting ways – and with a big impact on companies’ bottom lines.”Wimmer Solutions was chosen for early-stage membership in the Power BI Partner Program from among a highly competitive field of fellow Microsoft partners. The company believes that its selection is a direct result of its corporate strength, long time Microsoft pedigree and depth of institutional knowledge, and established success in implementing complex Microsoft solutions.

“Over the past thirteen years, we have succeeded in earning the same high level of trust from Microsoft as we have with our clients,” says Rodriguez. “We have a long track record of delivering highly successful solutions for companies using Microsoft’s newest and most advanced tools. As a Power BI partner, we’re looking forward to repeating that achievement, and to helping establish the model for Power BI success that others will replicate in years to come.”

About Wimmer Solutions

Founded in 2002, Wimmer Solutions is a privately held technology consulting company headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Over the past 13+ years, we’ve built a reputation for creating amazing outcomes for our clients: bringing the right technical expertise and business acumen to help them achieve their goals, and crafting solutions that address their most complex technology and business challenges with swiftness and precision. Whether a single consultant or entire project team is required, we take a partnership approach to understanding the challenges our clients face, and connecting them with the talent, tools, and systems they need to reach their potential. Wimmer Solutions has been a Microsoft Partner and Managed Solutions Provider for 13 years.