Wimmer Solutions Donates Website Design for Community Choice of Wenatchee

SEATTLE – June 30, 2016 – As part of its longstanding commitment to supporting the Washington State Jefferson Award winners, Wimmer Solutions shares how it is making a difference in the Wenatchee community with pro bono technology and business consulting expertise for Community Choice.

Community Choice is one of the 2015 Jefferson Award winners, recognized for providing healthcare education and improved access to quality healthcare in North Central Washington (including Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan counties). The Jefferson Awards program recognizes those unsung heroes, such as Community Choice, who help our communities thrive and inspire new acts of volunteerism.

Wimmer Solutions connected Community Choice with a consultant whose skills and experience met their needs for a re-design and development of the Community Choice website, including localization services to translate many pages into Spanish.

Wimmer also utilized its in kind donation program to provide Community Choice with a computer lab full of technology equipment, including 17 work stations, 12 laptops and other equipment. As part of Wimmer’s skills-based volunteer program, employee volunteers also drove to Wenatchee to deliver and assist with assembling the equipment.

“Wimmer Solutions became involved in consulting to Jefferson Award winners because we aim to make a real impact on the causes that affect the communities we serve,” said Matt Sauri, founder and CEO of Wimmer Solutions. “Our work with Community Choice helped us to target a specific issue that maps to our values – access to quality healthcare for all. In addition, we cherish the strong relationships we have built with individuals at Community Choice who are working to address those issues.”

Wimmer Solutions Revamps Web Presence for Community Choice in two phases

  1. Phase 1 re-architected the web site with a well-defined home page and better user experience based on improved navigation, layout and content organization.
  2. Phase 2 consisted of improvements for the Spanish language portion of the site.

Wimmer consultant Michael Glass approached the project by first learning more about the community that Community Choice serves, including consumers, volunteers and member organizations. He determined that consumers are the most important target audience. His next steps were to learn more about how the organization currently serves its constituents, and strategize with the organization about how the website can serve to connect Community Choice to its audience and vice versa. Finally, he wanted to learn how to prioritize messaging on the website to be most effective in reaching consumers.

As part of Phase I, Glass prioritized the content on the homepage to integrate this focus on the consumer, while reinforcing the value of Community Choice with an easy-to-understand description and brand identity. By designing the site to accommodate calls to action, he facilitated more effective outreach to market specific information to consumers about Community Choice and its programming.

Wimmer Solutions has recently completed Phase 2 of the website project for Community Choice, which consisted of helping the organization identify the content that needed to be translated and then designing a Website solution that integrated the Spanish portions in a way that was easily accessible to the Spanish-speaking community.

“Wimmer Solutions began working with the Jefferson Awards in 2013 to recognize the creative and important volunteerism going on in Washington state,” said Sauri. “As a business, we are driven by the power of human relationships and connecting clients with the right talent to meet their needs. In the same way with our community outreach, we focus on connecting our volunteers’ skills, interests and values with the organizations like Community Choice that need our expertise.”

About Wimmer Solutions

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