Custom Kiosk Development For Seattle Children's Hospital

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Seattle Children’s Hospital’s approach to preventative care requires creative solutions to patient education and driving positive behaviors. Children’s was looking for a user friendly way to help people access up to date health information and make informed lifestyle choices.

Wimmer’s team brought together expertise in project management, content development, and web development and partnered with hospital experts to design and implement an educational kiosk for patients and their families.

The accessible digital modules Wimmer Solutions produced enhance patient education and drive positive choices by providing standardized, accurate, continually updated information in an inventive touch-screen format.

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As a leader in providing innovative and compassionate health care to children and families across the northwest—and nationwide—Seattle Children’s Hospital has adopted a focus on preventative care. Across its operations, Children’s aims to provide its patients, their families, and the entire community with up-to-date health information to help people make informed lifestyle choices.

To support this objective, and to reach as large a segment of their target audience as possible, Seattle Children’s desired to integrate an educational software solution into their existing systems that would empower patients of all ages to access reliable and continually updated health information, via a user-friendly interface.

In order to promote retention and response to highlighted information, they wished to present the educational pieces in a series of discrete modules, in a touch-screen format designed to improve user experience and facilitate overall ease-of-use.


In order to achieve the above deliverables on schedule and in a quality manner, Wimmer’s Professional Services division developed a solution utilizing the following technical skills:

  • Project Team Assembly and Oversight
  • Project Management
  • Content Management
  • Web Development

Wimmer Solutions technical skill set for Seattle Children's professional service (web development, project team assembly and oversight, content management, project management)

An Engagement Director was assigned to provide project oversight, while a Creative Web Developer and Project Manager worked to ensure completion of defined milestones and deliverables based on Children’s needs. Wimmer partnered with Children’s subject matter experts and project stakeholders to integrate accurate and engaging educational content (provided in both Spanish and English) into a series of age-appropriate modules.

Wimmer’s resources had extensive experience providing IT and PM support as well as web production services for the Healthcare field, and worked in collaboration to design and create an educational environment appropriate to the needs of the Children’s Hospital community. Under the guidance of the Engagement Director, our Web Developer created identification screens to channel users into the correct module, and developed individual screens appropriate to each. Our team also conducted a pre-launch evaluation of kiosk functionality, made necessary adjustments before installing the kiosks in Children’s common areas, and provided continuing support as content was added and/or updated.

Innovation & Impact

The completed kiosk system enables Children’s patients, families, and visitors to the hospital to access informative and entertaining educational content that is age and language appropriate, and infinitely more engaging than preexisting pamphlets or brochures. Our easily accessible digital modules augment time-constrained physicians’ own efforts to educate patients, providing standardized, accurate, continually updated information in an inventive format. By digitizing the content, Wimmer also helped further Children’s efforts to ‘go green’, reducing its environmental impact and achieving cost efficiencies over traditional printed collateral.