Enterprise SQL Support at Nordstrom

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Nordstrom needed a 24x7x365 solution to manage its extensive database environment.

Wimmer worked with the Nordstrom team for installation, upgrade and maintenance of MS SQL Server to aid their e-commerce environment using business analysis skills, project management, and database architecture.

Wimmer Solutions’ team provided testing and implementation services for new releases of SQL-related software, documentation for users, and consistent cost-benefit analysis, which reduced overall cost of ownership, avoided compatibility issues in future upgrades, and end user support.

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Nordstrom sought senior-level SQL Server Database Administration expertise and a solution to take on responsibility for the extensive database environment used to support its online store, as well as a suite of other sites comprising the organization’s overall corporate internet presence.

As part of a 24x7x365 on-call support rotation, our team was brought on to design, implement, and communicate innovative database solutions that added value to the Nordstrom.com site, and to design, create, and optimize the back-end structure underlying the Nordstrom corporate web sites. Wimmer Solutions also provided consultation and advice to application developers regarding the optimal use of SQL Server, code reviews, and performance tuning.


Wimmer supported the Nordstrom team across installation, upgrade and maintenance of MS SQL Server environments and applications in the internet e-commerce environment; designed physical data structures to support application requirements; and provided planning, recommendations, and implementation strategies related to capacity, growth and changes for SQL Server architecture. From a maintenance perspective, our team coordinated database server maintenance and patching, and implemented infrastructure changes.

In order to achieve the above deliverables on schedule with a focus on quality, the Wimmer Team utilized the following technical skills:

  • Business Analysis
  • Database Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Database Architecture

Wimmer’s robust network of senior-level database administration professionals and extensive experience in the space enabled us to bring Nordstrom and its application developers effective consultation and advice regarding the optimal use of SQL Server, code reviews, and performance tuning.

Innovation & Impact

While working to design and implement secure environments, and control and monitor user access and activity levels, the Wimmer team provided ongoing analysis and resolution for application issues affecting the database. Later in the project, resources offered Nordstrom the added value of testing and implementation services for new releases of SQL-related software; the associated cost-benefit analyses they performed allowed Nordstrom.com to reduce overall cost of ownership and avoid compatibility issues in subsequent software upgrades. By crafting manuals, project status reports and other documentation, our team facilitated transition of ownership to Nordstrom.com at the end of the engagement. Throughout the project, end user support was provided at appropriate levels to ensure user productivity across the Nordstrom suite of online properties. Nordstrom’s internal staff was supplemented with high-level skill sets to accomplish critical operational tasks and projects without impacting their existing workload.