Data and analytics solutions help organizations accomplish big goals, like improving operational efficiencies, optimizing marketing campaigns, and identifying areas to enhance customer service, or smaller goals that build upon each other to further progress toward larger or broader goals. Learn how to get started on Data & Analytics Initiatives with our guide for Business Users.

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Happy July! Learn more about our July 2022 Solution Spotlights, Seattle Brain Cancer Walk, our Kazakhstan team's Karaoke night, the upcoming Town Hall and our Seattle Office BBQ.

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Welcome to August! Learn more about our August 2022 Solution Spotlights, the Service Board (tSB), our successful Town Hall Meeting, and upcoming Photo Contest event.

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Hello September! Learn more about our October 2022 Solution Spotlights, our Charity Focus - Girl Scouts of Western Washington, our upcoming events (Halloween Photo Contest!) and past happenings in the company. See more in the full blog write-up!

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Catch up with all that's happening at Wimmer Solutions! Learn more about our April 2022 Solution Spotlights, our Charity Focus, Mariposa Arts, and details about our coworkers at the Seattle Cherry Blossom Run.

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It's May! See what the Wimmer Solutions team has been up to as we head into Spring. Learn more about our May 2022 Solution Spotlights, our Charity Focus: Water Drop LA, and the team events of our Dallas Team and the Philippines Team.

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Hello to June! See what the Wimmer Solutions team has been up, including our wins with PSBJ Best Workplaces and Project Kenny. Learn more about our June 2022 Solution Spotlights, our Escape Room fun, our 20th Anniversary Party, and how we supported the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation at the Furry 5K.

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On June 7th, 2022 Wimmer Solutions commemorated 20 years in business. We have a lot to celebrate; Our longevity, our progress, and a cache of exciting new offerings and successes. Read along as we go over Wimmer's history, detail our company growth, and dive into our celebration on remaining hard at work.

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See our breakdown on the pros and cons of Microsoft Power Apps for low code development. We compare low code development to traditional application development and other current app solutions. Explore the benefits and solutions available for staff empowerment with Wimmer Solutions and Power Platform.

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Wimmer Solutions is focused on improving our diversity efforts. We've recently added the new position of Diversity Recruitment Program Manager to enhance our Diversity Recruitment Practices. Read more to find out about how this new position will help us in our diversity initiatives.

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Learn about Wimmer's continued efforts on our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We're proud to announce our partnership with Diversity Window to continue best practices.

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Trends show that companies are turning toward digital platforms that make meeting business needs easier. Discover what Microsoft Power Platform is, and how it can help you transform your business into a digital powerhouse.

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Founder/CEO, Matt Sauri, explains his reasoning by advocating for wellness in the workplace and the benefits it brings to the organization.

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Check out these 15 essential time-saving keyboard shortcuts! #efficiency

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Our top Ten Commandments of the Job Search. Put your best foot forward and don't let mistakes hinder your chances for your dream job #jobsearch

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Gotta Catch 'Em All! We're exploring the potential best uses for the #1 mobile augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. #PokemonGoForGood

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