Matching Gifts

Wimmer Solutions supports our team members in their personal philanthropy through our charitable gift match program, which helps to make a greater impact on the issues, causes, and organizations our team members care about.We match, dollar for dollar, up to $1000 USD per calendar year in contributions each of our employees makes to eligible 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations while employed with Wimmer Solutions. Our program is designed to support the breadth and diversity of giving among Wimmer employees by investing in a wide spectrum of organizations, even if their work does not fall into our three focus areas.Please read our full program guidelines below before requesting a match.

Who can participate?

All full-time, W-2 employees of Wimmer Solutions, including field employees, corporate staff, and management are eligible to participate in the Gift Match Program beginning on the date of hire

Eligible GIFTS

Ineligible gifts

Wimmer Solutions will not match any of the following:


Simply make a gift to an eligible organization and complete Gift Match Request Form below.Once your request is received, Wimmer Solutions will confirm your gift and eligibility with the recipient organization. If approved, a check for the matching amount will be provided to the eligible organization.

Wimmer Solutions reserves the right to examine organizations, gifts, and participants to make eligibility determinations at its discretion, and to amend, modify, or terminate the Matching Gifts Program at any time. Please direct any questions or comments to:

Gift Match Request Form

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