What Does Our Outreach Look Like?

We all know that “giving” is vital to the health and sustainability of our communities, but at Wimmer Solutions, we believe that financial investments are only a small piece of the puzzle, and that real community engagement doesn’t end with writing a check.

In thanks for your partnership and because Care Creates Community, Wimmer Solutions will be making a gift on your behalf to one of seven nonprofit organizations doing important work in the communities we serve. We’ve worked extensively with each of these organizations – from grantmaking to pro bono services and skill based volunteer projects – and we are excited that through our work with each of them, we’ve been able to make a difference: for children facing serious health problems, for the families of fallen heroes, for the comfort of those suffering from PTS/PTSD and for young people aspiring to careers in STEM fields. They say that ‘it takes a village’, and we’re proud to have you as part of ours!

That’s why we’re dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with local non-profit organizations. Our goal? To make a measurable impact on key issues, while inspiring our employees and other community members to give their own time, talents, and resources to causes they care about through a variety of programs:

Grants and Sponsorships

Impact specific programmatic areas: STEM Education, Economic Opportunity, and Community Building Through Sport. We partner with a small number of organizations in this way and work with them to measure and report on the community benefits made possible through our support.

In-Kind Donations

Wimmer Solutions regularly donates technology equipment such as PCs, monitors, and peripherals to organizations in need. Please contact us to be included in our next announcement about available equipment.

Non-profit Board Training

Through peer mentoring and referral relationships with the United Way, we offer employees support to gain the skills and knowledge they need to serve on a nonprofit Board of Directors.

Employee Charitable Gift Match

Our dollar-for-dollar gift match boosts our team members’ charitable gifts to eligible nonprofits up to $1000 per W2 employee per year.

Pro Bono Consulting Services

We offer select nonprofit organizations up to 40 hours of technology consulting services per year, partnering them with team members whose skills and interests align with their area of impact.

Skills-Based Volunteerism

Throughout the year, Wimmer team members can participate in a variety of rewarding opportunities to build their skill sets and learn new ones through organized volunteer projects with organizations working in their areas of interest.

Board Service

Many of our executive and management team members serve on local nonprofit boards, lending their skills to organizations that align with their personal and professional areas of focus.