How A Boutique Recruiting Agency Can Benefit You

Job seekers and companies looking to hire may have misconceptions about working with a recruiting agency, including but not limited to:

It’s easy to recruit new talent Recruiter don’t know about your specific industry Recruiters don’t understand what kind of job you’re looking for

…in layman’s terms, there’s an assumption that agency recruiters simply act as a “middle-man” between a company and a job seeker. According to a recent study by Career Builder, 47% of employers report that they plan to add contract workers in 2016.Before I started working at Wimmer Solutions, I was a skeptic. My understanding of recruiting, staffing and consulting agencies was pretty basic; I thought these companies were focused on placing candidates in “temp” roles for a few months, after which most job seekers would find themselves out on their own again.  What I’ve come to realize, is that good talent is very difficult to find and recruiters are experts in what they do, all while building relationships with both candidates and employers.  It’s actually quite impressive; the recruiters here at Wimmer Solutions are constantly educating themselves about new skills, industries, companies, and all of the technical terms necessary to place top talent in their next career, or find the best fit for a company in a niche industry such as Virtual Reality.

Here at Wimmer Solutions, we offer several different models to best suit the needs of companies

Temporary staff augmentation (contracts typically last anywhere from 3 months up to 3 years)

Professional services- Managed services in which we take on end-to-end ownership of entire business solutions- Consulting services in which we hire on individual consultants to meet clients’ needs

Direct Hire/Full Time Employment

You might be wondering, “Why should I use a recruiting agency?” Recruiting agencies may sound like a tough sell, but I’m here to tell you that there are quite a few benefits for the job seeker as well as the company seeking to fill a job.

How can partnering with a boutique recruiting agency benefit you?

Wimmer Solutions Recruiting Benefits for Job Seekers

5 Benefits of job seeking through a recruitment agency

  1. You will have a more in-depth relationship with your agency recruiters versus corporate recruiters who focus solely on filling on a specific job. For example, if a Wimmer recruiter submits a candidate for a job but is rejected by the company, the candidate can still maintain a relationship with the Wimmer recruiter to find a job instead of disappearing into the “we’ll keep your resume on hand” pile.
  2. Agencies often get first dibs on open jobs that might not ever be posted on corporate job boards, which means a job seeker receives the opportunity to apply for a job before anyone else.
  3. Get your foot in the door! Your recruiter has a monetary incentive to get you interviews. He/she will be fighting hard to land you an interview and a job placement. Mega-awesome-dream-company might overlook your resume when you apply on your own, but your recruiter can make you stand out in a crowd.
  4. Opportunity to work with an occupation placement expert (your recruiter) to compare and contrast different opportunities for your career path.
  5. Huge variety of employment opportunities, from contract to direct placement, part time, and remote work, offering a plethora of titles in a wide variety of industries, with the ability to help you gain many new skills.
How it works

Check out our current job opportunities or join our Talent Network. If our recruiters find that you’re a match for one of our jobs, you’ll be contacted to set up a phone interview. If that goes well, you’ll be prepared for interviews with the potential company and hopefully land a job!

Wimmer Solutions Recruiting Benefits for Hiring

5 Benefits of hiring through a recruitment agency

  1. No overhead cost until the agency fills the position.
  2. Benefits provided by recruiting agency. Wimmer provides medical, dental, vision, and a wide range of other benefits to all W2 employees!
  3. Recruiters source and fully screen candidates before the hiring manager ever speaks to the candidate, which can reduce costs and saves time.
  4. Advertising cost burden falls on the agency, not the company.
  5. Try out candidates for shorter periods of time before deciding to hire full time (or not!)
How it works

Need to hire an individual or a team? Contact us and we’ll tell you how it works!