Transforming Kenmore Air: From Reactive to Proactive Data Management through Vision Workshop & Dashboard-as-a-Service

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Kenmore Air, a regional airline, faced significant challenges in gaining meaningful insights from their data. The laborious task of manually compiling data consumed hours, if not days, of their valuable time. Compounded by the lack of centralized data, Kenmore Air struggled to find and correlate information, pushing them into a reactive mode instead of a proactive one.

Wimmer Solutions proposed a fusion of their Vision Workshop and Dashboard-as-a-Service offerings to address Kenmore Air's data challenges. Through a comprehensive analysis, enabled by the Vision Workshop, Wimmer Solution's data experts identified 48 reporting needs, consolidated them into a prioritized roadmap of 18 initiatives, built centralized data systems, and developed two dashboards, enabling Kenmore Air to transition from a reactive to proactive approach.

By integrating their service offerings, Wimmer Solutions created a roadmap of 18 additional initiatives for Kenmore Air, resulting in enhanced reporting efficiency and a shift into a predictive and defined management approach across people, finance, and operations. Through this collaboration, Kenmore Air resolved their immediate reporting needs and gained a clear roadmap for developing more efficient data systems. With plans to continue building out the identified initiatives and exploring customer behavior data for precision decision-making in Marketing and Sales, Kenmore Air is on a clear path to overcome their data difficulties.

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Kenmore Air needed assistance to gain insight from their data. The regional airline spent hours or even days manually compiling data. Their data was not centralized, crippling their ability to find and correlate information. These issues led to Kenmore Air operating in a reactionary versus proactive mode.

During the initial consultation, Wimmer Solution’s data team examined Kenmore Air’s systems and identified and uncovered issues that Kenmore Air was unaware of. While Kenmore Air had been aware that they needed additional reporting initiatives, they were not sure where to start.


The Wimmer team proposed a fusion of two of our service offerings: Dashboard-as-a-Service (to build the initial reports requested), and Vision Workshop (to determine the full scope of Kenmore Air’s reporting needs).

The Wimmer team began by conducting a current state analysis to determine the health and efficiency of Kenmore Air’s different data systems. Next, they took the Kenmore Air team through the Vision workshop.  

Ultimately, through the Vision Workshop, Wimmer Solution’s data experts revealed 48 reporting needs and consolidated these into a prioritized roadmap of 18 different reporting initiatives that delivered value.

Through the exercise, the data team identified several important insights missing from the client’s reporting systems. The team then centralized data and built two dashboards. The data for these dashboards were contained in Excel spreadsheets and third-party systems. The data models and dashboards were built within Power BI.

With the information contained in these dashboards, the client was able to move from a reactive to proactive process, enabling them to take timely action on information.  

Innovation & Impact

By fusing the service offerings together, the Wimmer Solutions team was able to develop a roadmap of 18 additional initiatives for Kenmore Air to execute in order to achieve a higher degree of efficiency in their reporting processes and fulfill Kenmore’s immediate need by building out two of the dashboards.

This has resulted in Kenmore Air moving from “reactive” management to a more “proactive” management of people, finance, and operations.  

As Wimmer Senior Data Scientist, Kyle Johnstone, puts it, “They needed immediate insights, but their systems weren't able to produce the reporting they needed. We were able to solve their immediate problem and give them a clear roadmap for developing more efficient data systems throughout their data ecosystem.”

By following their roadmap and addressing the initiatives as determined through the Vision Workshop, Kenmore Air will be able to solve their reactionary needs. Kenmore Air plans to have their internal data team build out the rest of the initiatives identified by the Vision Workshop, but once they’re out of their reactionary mode, they plan to get back in touch with the Wimmer team and go through another Vision Workshop to develop a new roadmap of data initiatives — this time surrounding the use of customer behavior data to make proactive decisions for Marketing and Sales.