Wimmer Watercooler Newsletter - Blog Connection April 2022

Welcome to the Wimmer Watercooler Newsletter blog connection for April 15th, 2022. Here we have a bit more space to write about our amazing Solution Spotlights, Charity Focus, and more!

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Below you will read about our:

  • Solution Spotlights - Austin Hays and Alice Hye
  • Charity Focus - Mariposa Arts
  • Events - Seattle Cherry Blossom Run


Meet our April Solution Spotlights

Austin Hays Solution Spotlight Photo
Austin Hays and his wife, Emma, with their Australian Shephard, Wesley

Austin Hays

Sales Support Coordinator

Wimmer Solutions HQ – Seattle, WA

Austin has been with Wimmer Solutions for over a year now -- with fantastic results!

With his background in recruiting, sales, and operations, he has been invaluable in his work of connecting our clients to top-tier talent!

Outside of work, Austin loves traveling, staying active and outside, and being the best dad to his 4-year-old Australian shepherd! He loves sharing these activities with his wife, Emma (and we love sharing his amazing family photo!)

A few more interesting facts about Austin:

  • He loves skiing when it snows, running when it rains, and being by the water when its warm and sunny.
  • He pole vaulted in college.
  • His love of traveling has already taken him to 18 countries– with more planned! 

Austin is an amazing part of our team, and a wonderful connection to have – with his permission, we are sharing his LinkedIn Profile for you to connect with him ---> Austin’s LinkedIn Profile


Alice Hye, Creative Program Manager

Alice Hye

Creative Program Manager

Microsoft – Seattle, WA

Alice handles various creative projects for the Diversity & Inclusion team at Microsoft. She manages podcast recording and editing, creating fun and motivational art, and working with different team members to share their personal stories to enlighten and motivate other team members for their monthly newsletter.

Outside of work, Alice continues to be a creative Rockstar - Her favorite hobbies are drawing, singing, playing video games, and learning new creative hobbies! Fun fact: Sometimes, if Alice is stuck on a problem during the day, the answer or a spark of creativity comes to her during her nighttime dreams!

A few more interesting facts about Alice:

  • She is currently learning to build tabletop sets, such as Hobbiton or Mirkwood.
  • Alice enjoys painting the little 3D figurines she prints for environments she builds.
  • She enjoys reading about historical artifacts and buildings and imaging how people of that time came to build them without current technology.

Alice, thank you for being a part of our team! Add Alice as a contact on LinkedIn and learn more about all the amazing creative content she has a hand in ---> Alice’s LinkedIn Profile

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Meet our April Charity Focus

Alisa Alcamo for Mariposa Arts

Alisa Alcamo is an Office and Hospitality Manager for Wimmer Solutions. She nominated Mariposa Arts for the April Charity Focus.

Mariposa Arts, located in Santa Cruz, CA, is a non-profit organization that brings after-school programs for visual art, music, dance, and theatre to more than 2,000 students in schools that have little or no funding for the arts during the regular school day.

From the Mariposa Arts’ site:

“An inter-generational model, Mariposa Arts high school students and teaching artists work together to co-teach lessons to elementary and middle school students. Participating high school students discover their creative gifts through training that steeps them in the arts and supports development of powerful life skills such as public speaking, lesson planning, and classroom management.  Mentored by professional artists, they become leaders, mentors, and role models and – for many of the participating high school artists, their resume starts with their Mariposa Arts job.

Watch this video to learn more about one high school student teacher’s experience."

Alisa was an Arts Coordinator and After-School Art Teacher with Mariposa Arts for 8 years. She taught students from kindergarten to high school, teaching around 50 kids a day in a two-hour long program. Each day, Alisa and her fellow teachers went around to different schools, helping to teach around 250 students a week.

When we asked Alisa what about the program stood out as the best part, she stated, “I feel that giving children a chance to learn art without having to pay AND providing a safe place for them afterschool is the best part of the program.” One of her most impactful experiences with Mariposa Arts came when she found out how much the cause meant to one of the students.

“I had a child come to me and let me know that recently her mother had left her dad, that she looked forward to our class each week because it was a safe space where she could let her feelings out. She told me that her father hadn’t been able to pay the bills and that their electricity had been out and that her and her sister were doing their homework by candlelight. She said being in art class was the highlight of her week. It was devastating to hear and yet, I was so grateful that she chose me to confide in. She said her dad had paid the bill and that their electricity had come on the night before, but she had tears in her eyes and of course I hugged her and I began to cry too. Sometimes you just don’t realize what these children are going through after-school, in their homes and the kind of everyday lives that they lead. Feeling as if you are making a difference in any way, to these students is heartwarming and truly life changing.”

With former coworkers still involved with program, Alisa keeps in touch and helps to donate with art supplies, such as bags of magazines to create collage projects. Due to her nomination, Wimmer Solutions is donating to Mariposa Arts on behalf of Alisa. Thank you Alisa, we love that you support such an amazing cause!

Visit the Mariposa Arts website for more information on the cause.


Share your charitable causes with us! Take a few minutes to nominate for Charity Up so we can tell your story and help support a great cause!

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One Run Down! | Seattle Cherry Blossom Run

Wimmer Solutions participants at the Seattle Cherry Blossom Run. From Left: Austin Hays, Deanna Johnson, Barbara Harris, Jam Harris, and Dave Robson

The 2022 Seattle Cherry Blossom was held on March26th & 27th, on the University of Washington's campus. The race date is planned to coincide with the spring blooming of the campus’ famous cherry blossom trees. The trees and their blossoms are known for their abundant, pink appearance and short lifespan, as the blossoms drop off after two weeks from bloom.

Participants for the Seattle Cherry Blossom Run could choose to run a half marathon, a 5K Run/Walk, or a Virtual 5K with the pink blossoms as a backdrop. The Wimmer Solutions team included Dave Robson, Austin Hays, Deanna Johnson, Barbara Harris, and Jam Harris. All made it across the finish line, gaining their medals for completing the 5K Run/Walk.

Honorary mention goes out to two office mascots who joined their human counterparts for the run, Philippe and Brodie. We can appreciate the dedication that Philippe has as he and Dave Robson cross the finish line together in the below shared video.

Deanna Johnson, Recruiting Lead of the Western Division for Wimmer Solutions, stated, “Great team building experience. We embraced the chilly morning with coffee, great conversation as we walked the course, and as we were surrounded by exploding cherry blossoms. Definitely worth a repeat next year!”

Austin Hays, Wimmer Solutions Sales Support Coordinator, added, “It was a great to be outdoors, take in the beautiful cherry blossoms, and spend time with my awesome coworkers/friends.”

We’re glad the event was a success, and we’re proud of the Wimmer Solutions Seattle office employees that participated in the 2022 Seattle Cherry Blossom Run! Congrats and great job team!