Wimmer Watercooler Newsletter - Blog Connection August 2022

Welcome to the Wimmer Watercooler Newsletter blog connection for August 18th, 2022. Dive into more details regarding our teammates, what's happening in the company, and more!

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In this blog post, you will find:

  • Solutions Spotlights: Lalah Arceo and Martin Lasek
  • Charity Focus: Laura Miranda for the Service Board
  • Event Recap: Virtual Town Hall
  • Upcoming Event: Online Photo Contest

Meet our August Solution Spotlights

Lalah Arceo, Technical Recruiter

Lalah Arceo

Technical Recruiter

Manila, Philippines

Lalah is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with Wimmer Solutions this August! She has been in recruiting for over 7 years, and her specialty is technical recruiting, IT acquisitions, and sourcing resumes.

Outside the office, Lalah spends a lot of time with her 8 dogs (3 Golden Retrievers, 1 Japanese Spitz, and 4 Aspins), and has picked up a new passion for cooking. Prior to the pandemic, she didn't really know how to cook, but while stuck at home, she watched a lot of videos online on how to bake, and quickly became more interested in cooking overall.

Some of Lalah's other interests include:

  • Mobile video games
  • Watching Netflix ( Very fond of Korean Dramas!)

Thank you Lalah, for your handwork and being a great coworker! We can't wait to see what you'll do next!

👋 Join Lalah's network on LinkedIn---> Lalah's LinkedIn Profile

Martin Lasek with his wife and son

Martin Lasek

Software Engineer

Alaska Airlines - Maple Valley, WA

Martin is an Software Engineer with Alaska Airlines, and has been working with Wimmer Solutions for 1 year and 1 month. (Happy belated anniversary, Martin!) His Expertise is IOS Development. He originally came from a background of back-end development, where he mainly worked on websites and similar structures. In his free time, he developed his coding skills and moved into IOS Development (professionally and personally!) He's hard pressed to not be coding, because he loves it (and when you love it, is it really work?) 

When not on the clock, Martin spends a lot of his time with his wife and son. He enjoys working out, and has even developed a workout app that's available in the App Store. He has an additional 2 apps in the store from side-projects. He shares more about these projects and his workout app on his Instagram, where he has a community with around 25k followers - all off of a bet with a previous manager about showcasing his work!

A few more hobbies that Martin enjoys:

  • Reading
  • Currently interested in Hardware Engineering
  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs

🙌 Learn more about Martin by following him online ---> Connect with Martin on LinkedIn

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August Charity Focus - the Service Board

Laura Miranda for the Service Board

Laura Miranda is Wimmer Solutions' Professional Services Research Manager. She nominated the Service Board (tSB).

The Service Board (tSB) is a Washington state based charitable organization that provides youths with a supportive space where they are heard, valued and given space to develop as leaders. Their year-around programming facilitates equitable access for youth to traditionally inaccessible outdoor activities with a focus on snowboarding to increase diversity in the outdoors and build confidence. In combination with community service projects, adult mentoring, social and environmental justice education; tSB creates courageous communities of young change-makers, athletes, and future environmentalists.

tSB Volunteers working on Gardening

Laura had previously volunteered at the Grand Canyon for three summers, and at Zion National Park for one summer, where she developed a passion to help others connect with nature. While working with the National Park Service, Laura noticed a large disparity in park visitor diversity, with 90% of visitors belonging to one ethnic group, and she noticed the same thing happening at the slopes as she snowboarded.

"People from underrepresented communities historically don’t have leisure access to the outdoors. Reducing barriers and expanding access to parks so that all people have equitable access can have a positive impact on health, happiness, and quality of life. While some parks are public spaces, that doesn’t mean everyone has access to them. Diversity, inclusion, and equity in outdoor spaces is an important aspect of environmental justice."

Laura met tSB leaders at a fundraising event and where she talked to their leadership team. Their mission resonated with her, inspiring her to sign up to become a Mentor for their Youth Program. Mentors join their Core Program to become a part of a support system for youth while navigating their six-month program. Other volunteer opportunities include snowboard instructor, providing meals, providing photography services, supporting in case of on-mountain emergencies, working together to plan events, fundraising, executing communications strategies, and by becoming a board member.

As a snowboarder, Laura hopes to donate her time as an instructor this coming ski season. She also looks forward to volunteering any way she can to provide opportunities to underrepresented communities when it comes to activities in nature. Laura used to surf, but with limited access to it in the PNW, she turned to skiing and snowboarding after being introduced to it by her wife and her wife's family, who are long time mountain activity enthusiasts.

Laura stated, "I absolutely know that people from all walks of life would love this sport, and providing access to it will ensure that the mountain will work toward diversity and inclusion."

Laura wanted to introduce tSB to her coworkers in time for sign-up for their annual Gala event, Summits and Starlight, where they raise money to support their youth program initiatives. The October event has both virtual and in-person tickets available. Join the tSB community as they share their stories, share a meal, and celebrate 27 years of youth leadership in public service, social justice, and outdoor adventure.

Summits and Starlight Gala Event

Find out more about their Gala on their sign-up page (Pre-sale tickets available now!) >>>

Learn more about the Service Board and find additional ways to donate on their site.

Visit the tSB website to learn more  >>>

July Event Recap | Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Our Wednesday, July 20th Town Hall Meeting was a success! See the meeting in our video capture below, or read the full recap (below).

Thank you to everyone that attended the Wimmer Solutions Town Hall. We hope we were able to provide company insights and helpful resource options!

Meeting Recap:

  1. State of the Company 💼
    Presented by Dave Robson, Chief of Staff
    🎉 We have nothing but positive news to report!
    Company Goals: We are well on track for 30% Revenue Increase, growing Professional Services to 20% revenue, and scaling our team to support growth and employee satisfaction/goals.
    Company Health: Continuous, increasing growth rates from 2019 to now.
    2021-Current Growth: 22% (6% ahead of plan!)
    2022 Offices & Clients: We have added 22 new clients, expanded employees and resources at each geographical location (293 People working in 24 states and 8 additional countries​), and all office locations have added new internal employees!

  2. Professional Services 🛎️
    Presented by Josh Brown, Practice Director
    ⚙️ We have new services that we're excited to share!
    Hear more about our Professional Services offerings in the recording. We cover our expansion into specific client services: Data Operations, Development and Support, and Digital Marketing, with a giant thank you to everyone that is helping us engage and expand into these new arenas!

  3. Employee Engagement 😎
    Presented By Sarah Safley, Lead Recruiter
    😀 We aim to improve our employee satisfaction and engagement!
    We took some time to remind employees of available benefits (including Charity Gift Match, Training & Development, and Referral Bonuses) while encouraging everyone to dive into the Wimmer Watercooler Newsletters for further opportunities, events, and ways to connect with us!

Please reach out to employeeengagement@wimmersolutions.com with any questions, to recommend events, gain insights into development opportunities, or to give us feedback.

We wish everyone the best, and can't wait to keep working forward with you.

Care Creates Community.

Upcoming Contest | Online Photo Contest

Upcoming Photo Contest Starts August 26th!

Everyone is invited to participate in our upcoming Online Photo Contest! We want to see your best photo from your Summer / Fall 2022 Adventures!

Submit a photo and then participate in voting for the winner. 1st place will win $100, 2nd place gets $50, and 3rd place wins $25!

Photo Submissions will start August 26th. Keep an eye out for additional details that will be emailed to participants soon!